From our plantations to your kitchen

Camellia (Camellia oleifera), which originated in China, is notable as an important source of edible oil (known as tea oil or camellia oil) obtained from its seeds.[1]It is commonly known as the oil-seed camellia or tea oil camellia, though to a lesser extent other species of camellia are used in oil production too

We produce camellia fruit from several Camellia plantations in the Ganzhou City region. 

This fruit produces a nut that provides seeds and other useful by-products that are of significant value to growers and processors.  In particular, our products are often pressed and processed to become camellia (or tea) oil, which Chinese consumers often use in food preparation and many other high value vegetable oil applications – similar to olive oil.  



Our Mission

"To deliver sustainable shareholder value through the production and
delivery of citrus and camellia products in China."

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