Our success is founded on a win-win mentality

As a company that is driven to achieve sustainable growth for decades to come, we believe this is only possible by acting to the benefit of the people and communities involved, and not merely our own bottom line.  We aim to find 'win-win' solutions and engagements with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, workers and local communities that we operate within.  

Our values are demonstrated by how we engage with the people closest to the company: 

Shareholders - Integral to our company is our commitment to integrity and transparency.  For us, that means that from the Board through to our people on the ground, we demand a commitment to performance with integrity, acting legally and ethically, no matter what the role or situation is.  We are committed to complying with all the statutory requirements of ASX-listed entities, and following best practice standards with regards to corporate governance and investor relations functions.

Customers - Our business depends on being able to provide quality and fresh products for our customers on time and to their expectations.  We work tirelessly to meet our customers expectations, and continue to identify ways in which we can improve our products and value.

Environment - We remain focused on ensuring sustainable environmental practices are implemented at all plantations, benefiting the communities we operate within, and our capabilities to deliver quality produce over the long-term.  This goes beyond our bottom line, and ensures that we remain welcome members that contribute in positive ways within the communities we operate in.

Employees - Our people are the lifeblood of our company, and their safety is paramount.  Safety first is our motto, and this is never compromised.  We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, and treating our people with courtesy and respect.  We believe that this provides a good working environment that contributes to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Equality - From the boardroom to our orchards, we strive for equality. We implement non-discrimination practices throughout the company, and aim to have a mix of people representative of the communities we are a part of.

Our Mission

"To deliver sustainable shareholder value through the production and
delivery of citrus and camellia products in China."

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