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Leading supplier to China's burgeoning citrus markets

Dongfang Modern is a leading fresh produce company operating within China, the world's largest agribusiness market.

Our name highlights the bridging of two key elements to our business: supplying premier quality, fresh fruit and camellia products grown in sunny plantations in rural areas in Eastern China ('Dongfang' literally translates from Chinese to English as "the east") with the application of the latest in cultivation processes, tree husbandry and harvest distribution channels (Modern).

Established in 2005, we have since grown to become the largest harvester of citrus and camellia products in China today.

Our success has come on the back of two key trends in China: firstly, growing personal income levels and associated rising living standards are leading to improved diets, with consumers increasingly seeking better quality and diverse range of food.  Secondly, fruit consumption as a proportion of dietary intake is growing at the expense of grains as consumers become more health and nutrition conscious. Accordingly, the consumption of our citrus produce continues to grow. 

We harvest our fresh produce from multiple plantations spanning over 8000 hectares, all located within China's premier fruit growing region, the Jiangxi Province.  These products are then sold primarily to wholesale customers for delivery to tier-1 cities throughout China utilising our established supply chain and logistical channels.

Over the past decade, we have continued to grow our business; acquiring and leasing plantations and expanding our product mix, and look forward to continuing this growth going forward.

Our Mission

"To deliver sustainable shareholder value through the production and
delivery of citrus and camellia products in China."

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